Maljardin Arc

Quito, a giant bald servant, is collecting dry ice. He enters the mansion on Maljardin island and Dr. Menkin advises him to be careful as dry ice burns. Jean Paul, master of Maljardin appears, descending the staircase with the body of his wife Erica in his arms. He argues with Menkin regarding the freezing of Erica’s body. Both Menkin and another servant, Raxl, attempt to console Jean Paul, but he refuses to admit that Erica is dead.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alison Carr meets with Dan Forrest, Jean Paul’s lawyer. She is concerned that she was not heard from her sister Erica in a month. Dan has not heard from Jean Paul himself, but cautions Alison not to worry unnecessarily.  He tells Alison that he has to fly to Maljardin on business anyway so she can come along with him.

Back on Maljardin, Menkin again attempts to reason with Jean Paul and to have him accept that Erica is indeed dead. Jean Paul refuses to listen, vowing that he will bring Erica back, regardless of the circumstances. Menkin argues against using cryonics as a medical procedure, saying it is too untested to be of use. Jean Paul again dismisses his ideas.

Raxl asks Menkin if cryonics can raise the dead. She glances at the portrait of Jean Paul’s ancestor Jacques Eloi DesMondes in the main room and proclaims that it belongs to the devil. She pleads with Jean Paul not to meddle with the ancient forces and the curse of Maljardin, but Jean Paul declares that on Maljardin, he is God, and can do what he likes.

The portrait of Jacques speaks to Jean Paul. Jean Paul dismisses Raxl and questions the portrait. Jacques tells him that he is his ally in his attempts to bring Erica back to life. The action flashes back to the 1600’s, where Jacques is shown as a newlywed. Back in the present, Jacques makes a bargain with Jean Paul – if Jean Paul will free him he’ll bring Erica back. Jean Paul rushes to the basement crypt and speaks with Erica, telling her that he has found a way for her to live. 

Dan and Alison are stranded at the French Leave Café due to a gale. Dan says they’ll spend the night there and ask Quito to bring them to the island in the morning.

Jean Paul finds the casket of Jacques in the crypt, opens it and removes a conjure doll, a small wooden effigy of Jeacques Eloi DesMondes,  with a silver pin in its head. He removes the silver pin, releasing the spirit of Jacques DesMondes, who possesses him. Raxl senses something has happened, and she and Quito rush to the basement, but apparently find only Jean Paul, holding a conjure doll and pin.


Ian Martin
Herb Kenwith
Jerry Layton

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Jacques Eloi DesMondes characters


Dr. Menckin characters
Alison Carr characters
Dan Forrest characters characters characters
Quito characters characters
Erica Desmond characters
Huaco characters
Guest characters
Beryl Forbes characters
There is no Phone on Maljardin
Erica was Six Months Pregnant at the time of her death
Dan Forrest's secretary is talking to Phyllis
This episode was filmed at CJOH-TV Studio "A"


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