Maljardin Arc

In the crypt, Jean Paul and Reverend Dawson discuss Erica’s service. Jean Paul asks if there are any objections, but the Reverend has none. Jean Paul explains that there will be a service but there is no corpse, saying that in the cryogenics capsule life is suspended. The Reverend insists that someone is either alive or dead, not anything in between. Jean Paul disagrees, saying that cryonics will bring Erica back. He relates to the Reverend the story of a man who was found frozen but then was revived who went on to live another 30 years. While Jean Paul is speaking, he is possessed by Jacques. Jacques tells the Reverend that he is chained by his own logic and tells him that when he runs out of answers he should look to the fire god, which leaves the Reverend confused. The Reverend tells Jean Paul/Jacques that he is unsure whether or not he can perform the service and heads upstairs.

After the Reverend leaves, Jean Paul/Jacques retrieves the “death diary” from the wall and looks at it. He speaks to Erica, thanking her for giving him the opportunity to come back to life. Quito has observed all of this and is disturbed by it.

Upstairs, the Reverend meets Holly. She tries to run away, wanting to be rid of both the Reverend and her mother. The Reverend asks her for just five minutes of her time, telling her that he and her mother and not in league together and, on the contrary, that her mother dislikes him. Holly asks him why he is on Maljardin and he tells her that it is for her protection, guidance and comfort. She tells the Reverend that what she really needs is freedom. The Reverend insists that he would like to right the wrongs between them. Holly compares the Reverend to the Reverend Davidson, a lecherous minister who was the subject of a play called “Rain.” Reverend Dawson does not like the comparison. Holly tells him that she doesn’t care whether he is in with her mother or not – she just wants to be alone. The Reverend replies that he is only there to help, and tells Holly she knows where to find him when she is ready to apologize.

Alison asks Holly what is bothering the Reverend. She tells her that she and the Reverend had an argument. Alison asks Holly to listen to her for a moment, telling her that Holly can talk to her anytime she wants and that she knows that Holly is against her mother and the Reverend is in the middle. The Reverend, who has heard this, denies that statement. Holly runs upstairs. 

Alison asks the Reverend if he is here for Erica’s service. He says only if he agrees to it. He tells Alison that Erica is dead by all religious concepts and that it is up to God to decide if a miracle is deserved.  Alison mentions that Erica is also medically dead. The Reverend suggests that he and Alison should work together to convince Jean Paul to stop his cryogenic experiment. Alison tells him that he has no choice but to stay on the island. The Reverend suggests speaking with Raxl, but Alison says Raxl is loyal to Jean Paul. The Reverend pulls out the tarot card deck Vangie gave him and says that it might convince Raxl to help. Raxl appears, and the Reverend hands the tarot deck to her, telling her that Vangie says she should use them for the good of everyone and tells her that the 3rd hour is good for Vangie. Raxl questions whether or not Jacques is really dead. She says the serpent god kept him prisoner until Jean Paul found the conjure doll and removed the silver pin. The Reverend finds this hard to believe.

Jean Paul returns from the crypt. He tells everyone that Quito has been hurt emotionally, but does not mention how. He asks the Reverend about the service for Erica. The Reverend tells him he is undecided due to the strange stories he has heard. Jean Paul tells him that he is not used to being questioned, and demands that the service will be performed – his way. He orders Quito to cancel any trips to the mainland until the service is performed.

In the crypt, Raxl is using the tarot. She asks the Conjure Man to read the cards with her before everyone on Maljardin is doomed.

Ian Martin
Vladimir Handera
Selig Alkon

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Jacques characters

Dr. Alison Carr

Holly Marshall characters
Rev. Matt Dawson characters characters
Raxl characters
Quito characters
Chalcko characters

There are no credits for this episode

Raxl knows how to interpret the Tarot deck
The"death Diary" makes another appearance here
Jean Paul relates to Rev. Dawson the story of a man frozen for 30 years and then revived by science


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