Maljardin Arc
VOICEOVER: RAXL -"In this great house on Maljardin, evil lives, even amongst the dead, and the poison this evil spreads threatens Erica Desmond, who lies frozen in this cryo capsule, until the day a scientific miracle returns her to the living, and back into the arms of her husband Jean Paul, who has defied powers real and imagined to assure his wife’s return from beyond the veiled curtain of death. Strange happenings are forcing a decision that could doom Erica Desmond – forever."

Jean Paul still agonizes over whether or not to open the capsule, but realizes if he does Erica’s body will disintegrate. Raxl says Jean Paul woes it to Erica to find out if she has been murdered so her death can be avenged. Jean Paul says if he opens it needlessly he will be the murderer.

In the lab, Alison is examining something under the microscope. She is joined by Vangie. Vangie asks what’s on the slide as it gives her a bad feeling. Alison replies it is the blood from Erica’s locket. In his room, Jean Paul is distraught. Raxl and Quito enter, volunteering their help. Jean Paul asks for Raxl’s advice and she tells him – trust no one. She again advises him to kill the rabbit.

Back in the lab, Alison tells Vangie that the blood from the locket is so deteriorated that it’s hard to specify, but it is human blood - not from the rabbit. In the main hall, Mrs. Marshall tells the Reverend she didn’t try to kill holly. She knows she had the motive and they didn’t get along well, as her inheritance might seem a lure for someone who is outwardly unsentimental, like herself. The Reverend tells her Holly will be well and that’s all that matters.

Alison has determined that is was not cyanide in the glass from which Holly drank, but some kind of vegetable poison, and she wonders where it came from. Alison determines that the blood on the locket was AB- which was definitely Erica’s – or hers. She tells Jean Paul and he thinks it must be Alison’s, as someone could have gotten it from her. Raxl disagrees, and says the blood is Erica’s. Jean Paul can’t remember, and thinks that he might not have put the locket on Erica’s neck and that he gave her another piece of jewelry and the locket was always around. He rationalizes, but Vangie says that is not the feeling she gets. Raxl agrees there is something evil in the house and everyone is succumbing to it.

Jean Paul gets upset at the thought that he might have killed Erica and that everyone else thinks he might have done it as well. He breaks the microscope and storms out. Alison says if she can identify the poison Holly drank she might recover more quickly.

In his room, Jean Paul doubts that he could possibly have killed Erica, but wonders if he can’t remember the locket, then what else can’t he remember? Did he even love Erica? Perhaps he hated her.

Meanwhile, in the crypt, Raxl talks to Erica, telling her no one can be trusted. Raxl scolds Quito for not having his mind on things. She doesn’t blame him for being confused, as Jean Paul is the master but he is not himself. She repeats she is the only one whose heart is strong and pure. She says Jean Paul will never be himself until she rids the island of the evil.

Thinking, Jean Paul recalls his great love for Erica, but still cannot recall if the necklace was on her when she was put into the capsule. In the dining room, Vangie reports that Alison is still trying to discover the poison. Mrs. Marshall insists that although she appears not to love Holly, things are not always as they appear. The Reverend says he believes her, but cannot make Mrs. Marshall believe that/ He tells her that others on the island have motives, and some might have wanted to kill Holly.

In the crypt, Raxl tells Quito that they cannot use force to harm Jean Paul. However, she vows that when Jean Paul leaves his room she will get the rabbit and Quito will kill it. In the main hall, Jacques belittles Jean Paul’s attempts to free himself from his control. Jean Paul tells Jacques that he knew his absence was too good to last. Jacques tells Jean Paul he was giving him a respite to let Jean Paul recover. Jean Paul tells him he is a deadly enemy and will make sure he fries in hell. Jacques simply laughs and tells him he speaks like a true descent of his line. Their relationship is a fact of history. Jacques tells Jean Paul the blood was very interesting, Jean Paul wonders how he knows – Jacques says perhaps there is no way of hiding from him.

In the lab, Mrs. Marshall wonders what the poison is and Alison says there is some factor that resists definition. Mrs. Marshall expresses concern for Holly. Alison says some poisons come on strong then fade but eventually come back, and she does not know if this will happen with Holly.

Later, Jacques’ words still play on Jean Paul's mind – raising questions over whether he killed Erica. Jacques insists that Jean Paul can have no secrets from him. Jean Paul insists he didn’t kill Erica, but Jacques says he might want to kill someone else another day. He tells Jean Paul that he will see an example of his skill very soon.

In the meantime, Raxl and Quito have taken the rabbit. Raxl tells Quito to kill it, but it jumps from Quito's arms. He chases it and hits the wall by the stairs, causing the painting to fall and reveal a secret compartment. Raxl opens it to find a skull hanging from a noose.


George Salverson & Ron Chudley
Vladimir Handera
Bob Costello

Distributed by:
Krantz Films



Jean Paul Desmond

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Jacques characters characters characters
Mrs. Marshall characters characters characters

Vangie Abbott

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Rev. Matt Dawson characters characters characters
Dr. Alison Carr characters characters characters
Raxl characters characters characters
Quito characters characters characters
Both Erica and Alison have ab- blood
This is one of the shorter episodes of Strange Paradise, clocking in at only 21’03” before the credits roll
Holly, Dan, and Tim appear in the credits but not episode
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