Maljardin Arc

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Jean Paul is in the crypt recording readings from the gauges on the cryogenic capsule. He
writes them in a journal he dubs a “death diary”, which he hides in a small panel in one
of the crypt walls. Alison joins Jean Paul. As they converse, Alison repeats her idea that Erica will never live again, although Jean Paul insists she will. He tells her there was only one woman in his life and he will find a way to be with her again. Alison insists that Jean Paul knows what he is doing is wrong. She tells him he is too young to let Erica’s death destroy his life, too.

At the Café, Vangie speaks with Rev. Dawson. The Reverend suspects that Holly and Elizabeth Marshall are in
trouble on Maljardin, to which Vangie replies that all on Maljardin are in danger.In the main hall of the mansion, Alison is staring at the portrait of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes and is wondering if she is attracted to Jean Paul. Jean Paul/Jacques enters. Alison tells Jean Paul that Raxl has told her that Jacques was a murderer. Jean Paul says only that he was a lover. Alison is surprised at the apparent change in Jean Paul’s personality, and comments to him that he seems like two different people. She tells him that she feels as though she has no choice but to remain on Maljardin. Jean Paul tells her that she can leave if she wants to, but that he needs her as she is a physician. Alison asks Jean Paul to stop the cryogenics experiment, but he says that with her help Erica can come back from the dead. Alison tells him that the only way she can help is by giving Erica a Christian burial. She laments the fact that Jean Paul has gone from someone who spread joy to someone who spreads misery.

Jean Paul insists that Erica’s death must remain a secret. He tells Alison that those on the island are not prisoners,
but rather “detained guests” and says it is within the law to keep them there. He tells Alison he is in touch with a
dozen different scientists who are experts in various fields and he does not want them frightened off by rumors
and stories. Alison tells Jean Paul that she will give her word that she would not tell anyone if he would only let
her leave the island, but Jean Paul refuses, insisting that Erica must be alive first.

The Reverend tells Vangie that he has taken a leave from his ministry. He questions his right to wear the collar as
he ran after Holly because he was attracted to her. Vangie tells him that that was OK as he is also a human being,
and that he could leave anytime and go back to being a minister. The Reverend says he wants to get to Maljardin,
but Vangie tells him only Quito can get him there safely. She sees through the tarot cards that the Reverend will
get to Maljardin but also that he will experience evil.

Jacques uses Jean Paul’s secret tape recorder to record a message for him. He tells Jean Paul that he must do as
he says and also make sure that the guests follow his orders.

Vangie treats Rev. Dawson to a special drink at the bar. She tells him that he might be here because a minister is
needed on Maljardin. The Reverend laughs at this, but Vangie warns him not to mock. She says that the anti-
Christ walks on Maljardin and that the Reverend must be there to fight him.  She tells him that Quito was there to
see the Conjure Man but she turned him away as the Conjure Man is too old and frail to see anyone. Vangie hands
her tarot deck to the Reverend and tells him to give them to Raxl and to tell Raxl that the 3rd hour is good for her.
She tells the Reverend that when she dies it will be on Maljardin, and warns him that Holly is doomed without his

On Maljardin, Alison worries that she has no future. Jacques leaves Jean Paul and Alison immediately notices the
change in him. Jean Paul apologizes for making Alison a prisoner, but Alison is now resigned to staying. She tells
him that she will not try to leave. Jean Paul asks why she changed her mind and Alison tells him that she is
concerned about his welfare, suggesting he might need a doctor himself. Jean Paul expresses the hope that things
will now be different since he will not be alone on the island. He excuses himself and goes to the secret room to
record a message for Erica, telling her that Alison will stay as long as is needed to help her.


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