Maljardin, translated as "Garden of Evil", is where it all begins for "Strange Paradise." Here the series introduces viewers to millionaire Jean Paul Desmond and his ancestral alter ego, Jacques Eloi DesMondes.

The Maljardin Arc began with the pilot episode, filmed in May of 1969 at CJOH Television in Ottawa, Canada. Beginning with episode two, the series was taped at the Crawley Film Studios in Chelsea, Quebec.

episodes were broadcast in canada beginning on october 20, 1969, with the final episode of the arc airing on January 19, 1970.

In between, viewers watched a bevy of characters, all of whom, willingly or unwillingly, wound up on the remote Caribbean island of Maljardin, subject to the ever-changing whims of its master, Jean Paul Desmond, in his quest to bring his dead wife Erica back to life.

Along with Colin Fox in the role of Jean Paul Desmond, other actors included Cosette Lee and Kurt Schiegl as Jean Paul's faithful servants Raxl and Quito, Jon Granik as laywer Dan Forrest, Dawn Greenhalgh as Jean Paul's sister-in-law Dr. Alison Carr, Bruce Gray as painter Tim Stanton, Dan MacDonald as the soul searching Rev. Matt Dawson, Sylvia Fiegel as troubled young hieress Holly Marshall and Paisley Maxwell as Elizabeth Marshall, Holly's emotionally distant mother.

Will Jean Paul's efforts to revive Erica succeed? How will the plans of the others affect Jean Paul's attempts to keep secret the events that unfold? click on the link to the right to immerse yourself in the private world of the master of Maljardin and find out...



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