Strange Paradise, like many other television programs, developed its own internal continuity during its time on the
air. Throughout the course of its run, viewers were continually treated to new and interesting bits of information
about the main characters, their backgrounds, their secrets, and other pieces of information that helped
develop the show's internal mythology.



In addition to the mythology of the show, those who worked on Strange Paradise also attempted to ensure that continuity was maintained between episodes. This included both internal story continuity (such as plot points) and also visual continuity (such as the specific clothing actors wore from one episode to another).

For a program where episodes were produced at the rate of one per day, Strange paradise did remarkably well in terms of maintaining continuity. However, like its American counterpart Dark Shadows, Strange Paradise, by the very nature of its "live to tape" recording format, did have its share of onscreen bloopers and continuty errors.

Collected here is a selection of trivia, continuty errors and bloopers from various episodes of Strange Paradise. Please select from the menu at the right for more detailed information.



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