August 25, 2008 - Sylvia Fiegel Candid
The photo to the right is a candid shot of actress Sylvia Fiegel, who played Holly Marshall on Strange Paradise. In the photo, Sylvia is getting her hair styled for a Noxeme commerical. Her hair stylist is none other than Pauline Clarkson, who did hair for Strange Paradise. Pauline has since gone on to a successful career as a hair stylist, with many famous clients. Her work on Strange Paradise helped cement her reputation in the industry.


August 18, 2008 - Vignettes Scene and Character Summary
This one page summary briefly outlines the various scenes to be shot for the vignettes, which was essentially a sales reel used to sell Strange Paradise to potential broadcasters. As is evidenced by this page, several changes were made before the show went to air. Most notably, the character of Beryl Forbes, who was featured prominently in the program outlines, was replaced by the character of Vangie Abbott. Additionally, the Rev. Dennis' last name was changed to Dawson, and the character of Patrick Stanley's name was changed to Tim Stanton, although his role remained essentially the same.


August 11, 2008 - Publicity Shot

At right is one of a series of early publicity photos that were sent to local newspapers and teleision stations in advance of Strange Paradise's broadcast. This particular shot features a staged scene between Colin Fox as Jean Paul and Dawn Greenhalgh as Dr. Alison Carr, plus a guest appearance of a boom mike in the upper right corner.


August 4, 2008 - Pilot Prop List
This week's arhive item is a handwritten list of props needed for the Strange Paradise pilot, prepared by Floor Director Bob Wilson. The list itemizes props needed next to the page of the script that references them, and includes, amongst other things, a dry ice container, telephones, a brandy decanter and keys. Also notable is the notation to "strike portraits" for setting up page 30 of the pilot script, which is the series' first flashback sequence.



JULY 2008