January 28, 2008 - Program Logs
The Strange paradise program logs, used to record upcoming programming for a given week, contain a number of differences from episodes as broadcast, including hints of some original plot lines that were either substantially altered or discarded. one of the plot elements that was modified was why erica came to maljardin and the reasons behind the cryonics experiments. click the photo for an example.

January 21, 2008 - CJOH
The pilot for Strange Paradise was shot at Studio A of CJOH television in Ottawa. the majority of the office scenes utilized locations within the studio offices themselves, including the boardroom, two offices and several corridors, including the main entranceway. Although it has been heavily remodeled, the entranceway to the right is essentially the same one that can be seen in the Strange Paradise pilot. Click on the photo for a larger view.

January 14, 2008 - San Mateo Times
Towards the end of the Maljardin story arc, and in order to help give the series a boost, Strange Paradise changed producers. Bob costello, former producer of "Dark Shadows", signed on to the show.

Already considered a "Dark Shadows" knock off, Strange Paradise ventured further into DS territory, including the addition of the "Dark Shadows" trademark of character voiceovers at the beginning of each episode. The San Mateo Times of December 8, 1969 reported on this change. Click the image to read it.

January 07, 2008 - Tunnel of Love
In January of 1960, Cosette Lee teamed up with not one, but two future Strange Paradise cast members in a play at the Lansdowne Theatre in Toronto. The play had a multi-week run and garnered favorable reviews. In addition, it paired Cosette Lee up with two other actors who would not work together on Strange Paradise. To find out who the other two were, click on the photo.



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