July 27, 2009 - Behind the Scenes
Another in our occasional series of behind the scenes photos forms our archive selection for this week. . This particular photo was taken on the set of the drawing room of Desmond Hall, and shows Cosette Lee rehearsing her appearance as Raxl. What is interesting to note is that this photo shows Cosette without her black Raxl wig, and instead gives us a look at her natural gray hair color.

July 20, 2009 - Steve Krantz telegram regarding blank tapes
As part of the initial agreement between the CBC and Krantz Productions, the CBC was to provide the blank 2" master tapes that Strange Paradise was to be dubbed onto. As a result, there was some concern within the CBC as to who would own the tapes after the shows were dubbed. In response to this inquiry from the CBC, Steve Krantz sent a telegram indicating that any 2" tapes provided to Krantz Productions by the CBC would remain their property, even after the show was dubbed onto them.

July 13, 2009 - Contract Extension
The initial deal with the CBC allowed for 26 weeks of Strange Paradise, with an option of purchasing 26 more weeks. Although Steve Krantz had hoped for a full year's worth of episodes in order ot fulfill his contractswith various affiliates, falling ratings and viewership eventually meant that the CBC would only agree to another 13 weeks of episodes. At right is a copy of the memo sent to Steve Krantz confirming the additionl 13 weeks, as well as the CBC's right to a complete set of repeat broadcasts.

July 6, 2009 - Fan Letter
A fan letter to Cosette Lee kicks off our archives for the month of July. this time, it's a letter from viewer Kay Valentine of Dehli, New York, who says Strange Paradise is her favorite show. She loves everyone on the program, but has to miss it on Tuesdays as she is in Brownies.


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