Maljardin Arc

On Maljardin, Quito searches the crypt for Raxl. In the Café, Holly rebuffs the Reverend for following her. He tells Holly he is on her side. She doesn’t believe him and leaves. The Reverend moves to follow her but is stopped by Tim. As Tim will not move out of the way, the Reverend finally relents. Tim and the Reverend talk and he tells Tim that he is against what Holly’s mother intends to do. When Tim finds out that Dawson is a Reverend he is embarrassed. Vangie tells Tim to advise Holly to accept the new help and go home as she senses danger if she stays.

Tim and Holly talk and Holly relates to him why she left Westley House -  to be her own person. Tim tries to convince Holly to go with the flow until she turns 21. Holly tells Tim how she likes Vangie and Tim relates to her Vangie’s prediction of danger. Tim excuses himself and leaves to go to Maljardin with Jean Paul.

As Tim goes to check on his supplies Jean Paul goes to the Café bar and helps himself to some water. Vangie joins him there. Jean Paul inquires as to how the Conjure Man is doing and tells Vangie to give him his regards, hoping eventually to renew his friendship with him. While speaking, Jacques possesses Jean Paul and Jean Paul stops speaking. Vangie senses danger. Jean Paul (Jacques) and Tim leave for Maljardin.

Upon arriving at Maljardin, Jacques’ leaves left Jean Paul and he is himself again. Holly has stowed away on the boat and is caught by Quito in the boathouse. He grabs her, but does not harm her, and takes her to the main house.

Back at the Café, Reverend Dawson sees Vangie reading the Tarot cards and expresses an interest in them. Vangie replies that two people are required for a good reading, and tells the Reverend that Holly has checked out and that she has no idea where she went.

Quito arrives at the main house with Holly. Jean Paul asks her where she came from and Holly explains the reasons why she is running away. She appeals to Jean Paul, saying that he is the only one who might understand. Jean Paul sends Quito to prepare a room for Holly. Alone in the room, Jean Paul sits by the fireplace. Jacques speaks to him and tells him not to bring any more guests to Maljardin, then once again takes possession of his body.

Ian Martin
Herb Kenwith
Selig Alkon

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Jacques characters

Rev. Matt Dawson

Holly Marshall characters
Tim Stanton characters
Vangie Abbott characters
Quito characters
The dock is seen for the first time in this episode
This is the first episode to show full credits.
At the Café, Jean Paul has trouble with Vangie’s name, calling her “Angie.”
Dr. Carr, Raxl, Mrs. Marshall and Dan Forrest are all credited, but do not appear in the episode.


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