Maljardin Arc

On Maljardin, Jean Paul speaks to Erica and tells her that he is going to commission a portrait of her from Tim Stanton to while away the hours until her return. He also tells her he loves her.

Reverend Dawson visits Mrs. Marshall at her home. He tells her he has taken a leave of absence to find Holly. He again tells Mrs. Marshall that Holly should not be at Westley House. Mrs. Marshall disagrees, and reminds the Reverend that Holly is not yet 21 and that the Reverend should conduct himself as a man of God.

On Maljardin, Quito hands Jean Paul the contracts from Dan Forrest, which he ignores as he is looking for Raxl to guard the cryogenic capsule while he goes to the mainland. Jacques begins to taunt Jean Paul, and Jean Paul questions why he keeps trying to convince him that he and Jacques are the same. Jean Paul begs Jacques not to interfere with the cryonics process. Jacques tells him he must do as he says or Erica will not return. Jean Paul threatens to destroy the painting of Jacques, but Jacques advises him against it.

Reverend Dawson informs Mrs. Marshall that Holly’s father’s death is the cause of her rebellion. Mrs. Marshall is determined to find Holly and return her to Westley House. Meanwhile, at the Café, Vangie and Tim are examining the tarot deck. The Nine of Swords is drawn, indicating that Holly is going to need all of the help she can get.  Reverend Dawson refuses to tell Mrs. Marshall where Holly is, and she accuses him of having a romantic interest in Holly, saying that she lost her husband because of her daughter, which the Reverend disagrees with.

In the Café, Holly appears and asks for her future to be read. Vangie refuses and leaves. Tim tells holly not to worry about it. Holly notices Tim’s sketch – it is of the thug that has been following him – Holly recognizes the man and asks about him so Tim tells her he’s a “collector.”  Holly informs Tim that she is on the run from her mother, and Tim reveals that he is in debt because of costs involved with his mother’s terminal illness. He says he had no money to make her comfortable in her last days. Holly tells Tim she is coming into an inheritance, and Tim mentions that he has been commissioned by Jean Paul Desmond to paint a portrait of his wife.

Jean Paul arrives at the Café.  Vangie tells him that the tarot cards have told her something is wrong on Maljardin, telling Jean Paul that death surrounds the island. She asks him if he will be leaving the island, but he tells her he is staying, and that Alison will care for Erica. Vangie informs Jean Paul that someone is after Tim due to his debt. Jean Paul hands Tim $7,500 to get the creditors off of his back, then tells Tim to meet him later to depart for Maljardin. Tim leaves to pack his bags. Vangie says she will find Holly a job per Tim’s request. As Holly walks through the Café, she bumps into the Reverend Dawson. Realizing who he is, she turns and runs.

Meanwhile, Jean Paul is temporarily stuck at the Café as Quito had to return to Maljardin with a message for Raxl.

Ian Martin
Validimir Handera
Selig Alkon

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Jacques characters

Rev. Matt Dawson

Elizabeth Marshall characters
Holly Marshall characters
Vangie Abbott characters
Tim Stanton characters
The Nine of Swords in the tarot deck is the card of death
It is implied in that the Café is also on an island, although not the same one as Maljardin.
During the scene when Holly talks to Tim, flies can be see buzzing both actors
At the bar in the French Leave Café, Jean Paul orders a Scotch on the rocks


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