February 25, 2008 - Oxnard Press Courier 9.7.69
Strange Paradise premiered in a number of US Markets earlier than it did in Canadian ones. California markets featured some of the earliest broadcasts, often in prime time. To the right is a sample of the TV listings for Oxnard, California from September 7th, 1969, showcasing the premiere of Strange Paradise on Channel 11, as well as mentioning it at part of the channel's new Fall lineup in the article below.

February 18, 2008 - Call Sheet
The production of Strange Paradise, like all TV series, required a great deal of organization to keep it running. To the right is a sample of the cast breakdown for May 4-10, 1970, covering the taping of episodes 181-186. The sheet gives information on which actors were needed on what days, and what times they needed to report to the set. As one can see from the sample, Strange Paradise was on such a tight schedule that it occasionally needed to be recorded on the weekends.

February 11, 2008 - "Very Strange Paradise"
The filming of Strange Paradise was a new experience in a lot of way for both cast and crew alike, with long working hours and often little time to properly rehearse scripts before taping. during production, someone came up with the idea of expressing their thoughts on the series on a temporary wall in the cast and crew area of the Crawley Film Studios. Over time, the wall filled up with various signatures and comments from those involved with the show. Click on the image to see a sample, including comments from Prop Man Doug nilsson, Floor Director Bob wilson and Cameraman Pete Maundrell.

February 4, 2008 - Fan Letter
During its initial run. Strange Paradise was broadcast in a large number of U.S. Markets, most of them affiliates of Kaiser Broadcasting. As a result, stars of the show received fan mail from all around the United States. Much like its fellow gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows, Strange paradise garnered a large following of children, most of whom watched the show regularly.

Click on the link to see a fan letter written to Cosette Lee from Lisa Mullins of Spartanburg, South Carolina, written in January, 1970.


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