Maljardin Arc

On Maljardin, Holly cannot sleep and walks down into the living room, pausing the look at the portrait of Jacques. After this, she walks down to the crypt and finds Jean Paul talking to Erica by her cryogenic capsule. Jean Paul sees Holly and is furious with her for discovering him. She explains to him that she was looking for the kitchen and heard voices talking. Jean Paul explains to her about Erica, frightening Holly and causing her to run away.

Holly returns upstairs and collapses on the couch. Jean Paul sends Raxl to prepare hot chocolate for both of them, then consoles Holly, apologizing for the shock of seeing the family crypt. Holly responds that she is used to death and that she feels sorry for Jean Paul and Erica. Jean Paul insists that Erica will rise again, and asks Holly if she finds that strange. Holly tells Jean Paul of her father’s death, how the family money was left to her and how her mother was angry about this, then she cries in Jean Paul’s arms.

Jean Paul reminds Holly to think of the positive memories of her father and tells her that they will take her back in the morning. Holly asks to stay on Maljardin, prompting Jean Paul to ask her if she is in some kind of trouble. She responds that she just wants to get away. Jean Paul agrees to consider letting her stay on the island and sends her up to bed. On her way upstairs, Holly inquires about the painting of Jacques. Once Holly leaves, Jacques speaks to Jean Paul, telling him he must keep Holly on Maljardin.

In the morning, Alison descends the stairs with a letter for Dan Forrest. She speaks with Raxl, telling her that she thinks what Jean Paul is doing is wrong, to which Raxl agrees. Unbeknownst to them, Jean Paul is observing all of this in his secret room. Raxl refuses to mail the letter for Alison, and says that Quito will not do it either. However, she does promise to try and convince Jean Paul that he is wrong. Raxl informs Alison that Tim Stanton is on the island, and Alison wants to enlist his help in mailing the letter.

Later, Tim tells Alison that Holly is on the island as well, and asks if Erica will be coming down to breakfast. Alison informs Tim that Erica is dead and that it happened before they all got to Maljardin. She asks him to mail the letter for her. Tim refuses, saying that he owes Jean Paul for giving him the $7,500 and will continue to do the painting he was commissioned for. Alison pleads with Tim, begging him to take the letter, fearing that Jean Paul will not let her leave the island. Tim says he’ll give the letter to Holly to deliver when she returns to the mainland. Jean Paul has observed all of this on his video monitor. Jacques informs Jean Paul that no one who comes to Maljardin can ever leave if Erica’s secret is to be kept.

Holly is resistant to delivering the letter, but Tim advises her not to stay on the island. Holly says she is running from the Reverend Dawson as well and doesn’t want to go back. Tim asks Holly to make an excuse to go back to the mainland and deliver the letter. Possessed by Jacques, Jean Paul enters and says that Holly already knows his little secret. He takes the letter from Tim and reads it. He pockets the letter and then explains to Tim and Holly his plan to raise Erica from the dead. He explains that he does not want media scrutiny and as such the letter cannot be mailed until Erica is alive again.

Raxl overhears all of this conversation. She hurries down into the crypt and vows to fight Jacques and to protect both the dead and those destined to die.

Ian Martin
Herb Roland
Selig Alkon

Distributed by:
Krantz Films


Jean Paul Desmond characters
Jacques characters

Dr. Alison CaRR

Holly Marshall characters
Tim Stanton characters
Raxl characters
in this episode, Reverend Dawson gets a first name – Matt
The Café everyone visits is known as the French Leave
Jean Paul remembers that Erica liked hot chocolate on occasion
At one point, Tim calls Jean Paul “Mr. Dismond”


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