August 31, 2009 - CBC Press Release Page 2
Continuing our archive feature from last week, we have page two of the CBC's initial press release regarding Strange Paradise. Notable from this page is the mention that the series would be filmed in Ottawa and partially at Casa Loma in Toronto. In reality, only someexteriors were filmed at Casa Loma, and the remainder of the series was filmed entirely in Ottawa.

August 24, 2009 - CBC Press Release
At right is a copy of the CBC's initial press release for Strange Paradise. This two page document is interesting for acouple of reasons, most particularly because it references items that were changed before actual broadcast. On the first page, Jacques Eloi DesMondes is still referred to by his original name of Jacques du Brevet DesMondes, a "fact" which wouold be repeated in a number of U.S. articles about the debut of the series. Check out next week's archive for page 2.

August 17, 2009 - CBC Film Inventory
As part of their charter, the CBC was required to broadcast a certain percentage of programs made up of 100% Canadian content. As such, the CBC regularly took inventory of films, TV programs and other broadcast materials in advance of a particular broadcast year to determine what materials they could utilize to fill their schedules. At right is an example of such an inventory, prepared for the 1971 broadcast year. This inventory includes Strange Paradise as one of the TV programs that the CBC had broadcast rights to through mid-1971. As it would turn out, the CBC did not actually exercise their second run rights to Strange Paradise, but that's a whole other story!

August 10, 2009 - Syndication Promo Folder Photo
This week's item is a portion of a promotional press kit put together to interest television stations in syndicating Strange Paradise. While there is no specific date, it appears that this syndication folder dates from the mid-1970's, after Strange Paradise's initial run. What is interesting about it is that a few of the photos in it show scenes not actually aired. At right is a rehearsal shot included in the package. It features Colin Fox as Jacques Eloi DesMondes and Patricia Collins as his wife Huaco.

August 3, 2009 - CBC Program Logs
Another in our irregular series showcasing the CBC broadcast logs for Strange Paradise. This week's entry is for the week beginning March 2, 1970, covering Helena Raleigh's appearance in episode 95 to Agatha's imprisonment in episode 99.


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