Maljardin Arc

In the crypt, the cryonics tank springs a leak.  Dan notices and rushes to find Dr. Carr.  He informs Alison something has happened to the capsule.  Alison rushes to the crypt and manages to adjust the tank, but she’s unsure of any damage.  Alison wonders why Dan was in the crypt.  He tells her he was looking for the poison and didn’t trust Raxl or Quito.  Quito overhears this and is upset.

Upstairs, Dan and Alison continue the discussion of the strange events.  Dan says evil is at work but Alison implies Dan might have sabotaged the capsule.  Dan denies it, repeating that they are all in danger. Raxl worries that Erica’s capsule was tampered with by Jacques and says they must protect Jean Paul from everyone including the witch (Elizabeth) who wants to own him.  Vangie agrees to the séance despite knowing she will die on Maljardin.

In the lab, Alison accidentally discovers a notebook.  As she reads, Raxl enters to discuss Dan and his prying.  She tells Alison Quito overheard Dan’s distrust of her.  Raxl suspects Dan of sabotaging the cryonics capsule but Alison defends him.  Alison worries that Quito will do Dan harm. When Dan enters the lab, Alison warns him not to make any more waves.

In the crypt, Quito adjusts the dial on the cryonics equipment. Raxl says they must find the pin and doll before Quito returns for Jean Paul, and begin the search again.  Alison warns Dan that if the cryonics process is ruined, he will be blamed.  Dan insists he did nothing.

Later, at the café, Jean Paul goes to check if Quito got all the supplies.  After he leaves, Elizabeth and Vangie talk.  Elizabeth confesses she finds him enigmatic and Vangie mentions he is dedicated to Erica. 

On the island, Raxl and Quito continue their search while Alison studies the notebook she discovered.  She shares the notebook containing Dr. Menkin’s notes with Dan, telling him Menkin had a lot of experiments trying to recreate the human body but that all experiments from six weeks before Erica’s death are missing.  Dan wonders who will be the next to die.  Alison says she is now not sure how Erica died but vows to stay on Maljardin until she finds out.  Dan says it’s likely Menkin was murdered and Alison agrees.

Dan wonders what Raxl knows, implying she might know about all happenings on the island.  Alison wonders again if there is a death certificate and Dan says he will check when he gets off the island.  He worries he will be the next victim due to Jean Paul’s apparent possession.  Alison mentions the caves Raxl told her about and Dan wonders if Raxl is leading them in certain directions.

At the café, Elizabeth wonders how long Vangie will be on the island. Jean Paul tells her it will only be for a few days, which makes Elizabeth quite happy. She tells Jean Paul that she doesn’t want competitors for his affection.  As they talk, Jean Paul is possessed.  Elizabeth repeats that she has had no chance to attract his attention and this time he responds to her.  He implies Vangie will not succeed at the séance just as Elizabeth won’t succeed with her plans for Holly.

Ian Martin
Herb Roland
Selig Alkon

Distributed by:
Krantz Films



Jean Paul Desmond

characters characters
Jacques characters
Dr. Alison Carr characters characters characters
Elizabeth Marshall characters characters characters characters
Vangie Abbott characters characters characters
Dan Forrest characters characters characters
Raxl characters characters characters
Quito characters characters characters
The thug who was chasing Tim makes another cameo appearance
When Dan and Alison are talking in the drawing room, a fly can be seen landing on Jon Granik’s head.
There are sea caves about 500 yards from the cove
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