March 31, 2008 - Program Log

Strange Paradise went through a number of changes from script to screen, particularly during the Maljardin storyline (Episodes 1-65). As a result, a number of originally scripted ideas either were significantly modified before they were aired or they never made it to the screen at all. On the right is an example of one idea that never materialized - an appearance of the spirit of Tarasca...

March 24, 2008 - Variety, October 8, 1969
As a follow up to the previous archive item, at right you will find a full page article taken out in Variety Magazine by Krantz Productions, announcing the appointment of Bob Costello (former Dark Shadows producer) as the new producer of Strange Paradise. As part of the revamp of the show, and most likely to help reassure concerned investors, Steve Krantz hired several Dark Shadows alumni, with costello being the most prominent. As Dark Shadows was a daily gothic soap, it was hoped that the expertise of those who worked on it would translate into better storylines for Strange Paradise. This particular copy of the variety ad was sent to the CBC and add a hand written note of reassurance.

March 17, 2008 - Paradise Pulled
Within a month of its debut in US markets, Strange Paradise was being removed from markets where it was not performing up to expectations, as well as being shifted from prime time to daytime in other markets. At right is an undated news article (probably from Early October 1969) indicating that Strange Paradise was in for a major revamp, both in front of and behind the cameras.

March 10, 2008 - Pat Moffatt
Beginning with episode 66, Strange Paradise completely revised its setting and cast, dispensing with all of the main characters except for Jean Paul, Raxl, Quito and Holly, and shifting locations from the island of Maljardin to Jean Paul's ancestral home of Desmond Hall. One of the new characters introduced during this time was Irene Hatter, played by Pat moffatt. Irene was a friend of Jean Paul and also member of a local coven. Click on the thumbnail to see an exclusive publicity photo that Pat Moffatt had made of herself as irene.

March 3, 2008 - Tudi Wiggins
Tudi Wiggins played two important roles during the run of Strange Paradise - Jean Paul Desmond's wife Erica and his later love Helena Raleigh. In addition to Strange Paradise, Ms. Wiggins went on to achieve stardom in soaps in the United States starting with 1974's "Love of Life" on CBS.

Click on the link to see a profile on Ms. Wiggins from the Monessen Pennsylvania Valley Independent from July 12, 1978.


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