September 28, 2009 - Erica's Casket
AThis week's archive item features one of the very, very few surviving items from Strange Paradise - Erica's original casket, which was used in episodes 1 and 2 before Erica's body was placed in the cryonics capsule. This casket was a real one, purchased from a local funeral home in Ottawa. Ironically, this casket had remained at CJOH TV (where the pilot was shot) for almost 40 years, and had been used for various Halloween parties and other things, without anyone knowing where it actually came from. While on a tour of CJOH TV, this author saw the casket sitting in storage and realized its significance. You can see that the casket has lost the black handle that was once on the side, and is missing the nameplate used for Erica, but a comparison with this photo from episode 2 confirms it is indeed the same one.

September 21, 2009 - Character Death Order
An interesting tidbit for this week - at right is a portion of some handwritten notes regarding the final three weeks of the Maljardin storyline. It was at this time that incoming producer Bob Costello decided to eliminate most of the principal cast and move the story from a remote island to somewhere were people could come and go more easily. As such, several characters were killed off in the final weeks on Maljardin - each in a different way. This handwritten excerpt shows the order of character deaths to be Rev. Dawson, Tim, Elizabeth and Alison. This was slightly revised on screen, as Elizabeth was the last to die, Alison having preceeded her.

September 14, 2009 - Vignettes Script Excerpt
A short excerpt from the script for the Vignettes sales reel graces our archives for this week. This particular excerpt refers to how Beryl Forbes' and Patrick Stanley's arrival on Maljardin will be interwoven with Jean Paul Desmond's machinations. As broadcast, Beryl Forbes never made it to the island, or even out of the French Leave Cafe, as her character was remolded into Vangie Abbott. Patrick Stanley, in the form of Tim Stanton, did reach Maljardin, however he never made it back home again.

September 7, 2009 - Slides
A behind the scenes photo for everyone this time around. This particular photo shows the color slides used for Desmond Hall and for the star of evil. These slides were mounted on an easel and, when needed, would havea camera pointed at them and zoomed in to give the illusion of movement. Slides such as these replaced exterior shots in Strange Paradise, and followed a similar format to those slides used on ABC's Dark Shadows.


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