Maljardin Arc

Voiceover: Alison Carr “Night on the doomed island of Maljardin. The wind that howls around the great house seems to mock Jean Paul, master of the island, for his struggle against the evil which yearns to posses him has failed and now as that evil departs him he finds himself face to face with the woman who has betrayed him. Erica- the wife he has summoned back from the dead.”

Jean Paul recovers from his possession and does not recall what happened. Erica shows him Tim’s body. He insists that he could not have killed Tim, but Erica reminds him of the bargain he made. Erica says they are both trapped and need to free themselves if they have time. Erica tells Jean Paul to hide the body, as the others think Tim has left the island. She tells Jean Paul she does not want things to be this way.  Jean Paul picks up the conjure doll and says he should fight Jacques. He tells Erica to give him the pin.

In the lab, Alison is attempting to burn Menkin’s notes. Holly enters and wonders why Alison has a fire going. Alison tells her that she believes that Erica would prefer to have the notes destroyed. Holly shows Alison Tim’s palette knife saying her mother found it in Erica’s room. She also relates that her mother told her that Erica was acting strangely when she spoke with her earlier. Alison wonders why finding the palette knife is so odd, and Holly says that Tim left without even saying goodbye, so she was wondering if Alison saw him before he left. Alison says that she didn’t, but suggests asking Jean Paul or Quito as they must have taken Tim across the channel. Holly tells Alison that she is afraid to ask Jean Paul as he appears to have changed recently.

Later, Erica and Jean Paul come down to the main hall. There is a fire burning in the fireplace and Erica is afraid of it. Jean Paul assures her that nothing will harm them and that they will rid Maljardin of the evil that is present. As Jean Paul says this, Jacques can be heard laughing. Jacques tells Jean Paul that he asked for the impossible in bringing Erica back, and he got his wish, but he didn’t ask how Erica would come back. Jean Paul responds that he wanted his wife, not a puppet. Jacques tells him that he cannot resist him and that their pact will be kept. Jean Paul says he gave Jacques his chance to return and he did not bring Erica back. He tells Jacques that he will return him to hell using the conjure doll. Jean Paul asks Erica for the pin but she is afraid to give it to him. She begs Jean Paul for a few more days, saying that she is afraid to betray Jacques. Jean Paul tells her that he will take the pin by force if need be.  Erica wonders if they have already done enough, but Jacques laughs at this. He tells Erica that he was observing where her loyalties lie. She tells Jacques that she obeys her husband and hands Jean Paul the pin. Jean Paul pierces the doll’s head with the pin but it has no effect on Jacques. Jacques tells Jean Paul that he is no longer the master and that he is protected by a higher power. The mark of evil then appears on the painting. Jean Paul casts the conjure doll into the fire and Erica starts to scream. She tells Jean Paul that the fire is burning her, so Jean Paul takes it out of the fireplace and douses the fire. Erica pleads with Jean Paul to make sure no one lights the fire again as she does not want to be destroyed. Although the doll has no power over Jacques, it still has powers. Erica warns Jean Paul to be careful, telling him that there are terrible secrets that must not be revealed. Jean Paul is confused, reminding Erica that she told him she remembered nothing of when she was away. She tells him that sometimes dreams come back to her. Jean Paul demands the truth.

In the lab, Holly feels a great quiet and wonders if everyone else is dead. Alison tells her to stop panicking. Suddenly Holly feels safe again and tells Alison that someone is coming. It is Quito. Holly asks Quito if he or Jean Paul took Tim to the mainland – he indicates that they did not. Holly shows Quito the palette knife and asks if he feels anything. Confused, Alison asks Holly how she knew Quito was coming. She replies that she does not know – it was just a feeling. Holly also tells Alison that she knows this is the darkest hour in Jean Paul's life.

Upstairs, Erica has confessed to killing everyone. However, she insists that Jean Paul killed Tim. Jean Paul says that it was only through Jacques’ and her influence. Erica tells Jean Paul that killing Tim was necessary in order to sustain her until she can capture Holly Marshall. Jean Paul tells her that he will not allow her to kill Holly. Erica says that she must, She tells Jean Paul that she must take Holly willingly and that he must help her, slowly influencing her. Holly is the youngest person on the island and through her Erica will live the longest. Jean Paul refuses to help. Erica tells him that her waiting time is over – Holly must die. She says she has destroyed Vangie's and Raxl’s influence.

Meanwhile, the palette knife has led Quito to the secret room. He opens the door and finds Tim’s body. Downstairs, Jean Paul says there must be no more killing but Erica says it is necessary. Jean Paul leaves to think and Erica comments that while he thinks she will act.

Quito moves Tim’s body to the bed in Holly’s room. Holly enters and sees Tim’s body and immediately thinks that Quito killed him. Erica enters and Holly tells her Quito brought Tim there. Erica feigns surprise. Erica tells Holly she will protect her from Quito. Erica asks holly to come with her to watch the dawn. Quito attempts to stop them from leaving. Holly realizes that Quito is not threatening her, but rather trying to tell her something. Erica commands Quito to leave, but he does not. Upon closer inspection, Holly discovers Tim has not been stabbed, but strangled. Erica says they must tell Jean Paul, but Holly tells her she will stay in her room. Erica leaves. After Erica leaves, Holly asks Quito who could do such a thing.

Downstairs, Jean Paul asks Erica where she has been, worried that she has done something to Holly. Erica tells him that she is safe and that Quito is with her. However, she also tells Jean Paul that there is no escape for him as the mark of death can take him over at any time. She reminds him that there is no escape for either of them, then, along with Jacques, she beings to laugh.

James Elward
Herb Roland
Bob Costello

Distributed by:
Krantz Films



Jean Paul Desmond

characters characters
Jacques characters characters characters
Erica Desmond characters characters characters characters
Holly Marshall characters characters characters
Dr. Alison Carr characters characters characters
Quito characters characters characters
There are no end credits for this episode
In this episode, Erica admits that she was the one who destroyed Vangie
Tim Stanton’s body is actually played by Bruce Gray
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